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One Game a Month, One Blog a Month?

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A New Year Brings a Fresh Start

I swear, I’m not going to start this post out with how disappointed I am at my lack of writing output over the last year. Oops…

The Problem

No matter how much I promise myself I’m going to update my blog more often, it tends to languish. I have a bunch of half-written articles waiting to be published, but in the absence of any compelling deadline, I can continue to look at them as “not quite ready for public view” for forever.

A possible solution

Something I’ve seen work really well for other people who struggle with producing consistent output are what I think of as “creative challenges”. Things like the “take a picture every day for a year” challenge that a lot of people are doing to improve their photography.

I just can’t face the idea of a “blog a day” challenge, though – I like the idea of something a little more long-form, and a daily deadline would force me to cut corners to an extent I’m not ready for yet.

So instead, I signed up for the OneGameAMonth challenge. Game design is one of my non-programming passions, so I feel like I’ll be able to stay motivated and really try to see this through. A month is a long-enough deadline that I feel like I can produce something worth examining, and the practical problems and “stuff I learned along the way” should provide ample material for *at least* one blog entry a month.

The Plan

I haven’t planned the whole 12 months out yet, but here’s what I do know my plans:

  • I will create a variety of games in different formats, including video games, board games, and card games
  • I will explore different genres in each format
  • Everything I do will be open-source on my Github account
  • I will write at least one blog entry every month, about the current game
  • If I don’t finish a game in a particular month, I will not give up – I’ll just do something less ambitious for the next month

The Proof

And to prove that I’m not completely full of it, here’s the in-progress game for January, after two days of after-hours hacking:

It’s named Rocks!

And here’s the GitHub repository for it.

This is an HTML5 Canvas & WebAudio version of the old Asteroids arcade game. Because it uses some cutting-edge web features, it only runs properly in recent WebKit-based browsers. That’s Google Chrome and Safari. Future games will likely be more cross-platform, but I wanted to learn a bit about the Web Audio API.

What I’ve learned on this project so far

This first version is very limited, and frankly pretty buggy:

  • There’s no proper collision detection – it’s hard to die, unless you try to hit a rock with the ship
  • The asteroids don’t start larger and break up into smaller ones
  • There’s no level progression, and no game-over when you die 3 times
  • No enemy UFOs yet
  • There are missing sound & visual effects

And the code is, frankly, a mess. But on the other side, there’s a lot I’ve learned over the last two days:

  • All of the rendering is done using the Canvas line-drawing primitives
  • The sounds are synthesized on-the-fly using Web Audio units instead of sampled sounds
  • The animation is driven using requestAnimationFrame, so it should throttle back when in the background
  • The whole thing is less than 11k in size, and there’s about 400 lines of Javascript in the main game file. That’s smaller than a typical iOS app icon…


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