PuzzleTwist is now available!

My latest creation is now up on the iTunes App Store. It’s called PuzzleTwist, and it’s a puzzle game where you unscramble a picture by rotating the pieces.  As each piece is rotated into place, others will rotate as well – some in the same direction, some in the opposite direction. The key to solving the puzzle is to figure out what order to move the pieces in.
One unique feature is that the rules for each puzzle are different – some are simple, some are more complex. A few are so difficult that I can’t solve them without looking at the solution.
Once you’ve solved a puzzle, you can save the resulting picture in the Photo Library on your iPhone, and then use it as the wallpaper image for the phone, or assign it to one of your contacts.
PuzzleTwist also keeps track of the best reported scores, so you can compare your scores versus the rest of the world.
If you’re a puzzle fan, you should check it out. Here’s the iTunes store link.
On a side note, this application was approved much faster than the previous applications I submitted. Perhaps the App Store review team is coming out from under their backlog.


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