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Easter Pictems – a marketing experiment

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I’m trying an experiment. There’s a free version of Pictems up on the App Store now, loaded with just the subset of items appropriate for Easter.

This version is called “Easter Pictems”, appropriately enough, and you can get it here, if you’re curious about Pictems, but didn’t feel like ponying up the $2.99 to find out whether you liked it.

I’m hoping that folks will download the free version and like it enough to upgrade to the full version. This seems to be a common tactic among developers on the App Store. Of course, people have to find out about your free app if it’s to be of any value as a marketing tool. I’ll update this post if anything dramatic happens with sales.

In related news, product #2 is coming along nicely. It’s a puzzle game, along the lines of the sliding-squares puzzles you might be familiar with, but with a twist (literally, in this case). For this game, the idea of Free and Pay versions makes a lot of sense, so I’m going to release both at the same time. Here’s a preview of the (as yet unnamed) puzzle game:

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