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This week’s iPhone SDK sob story

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I have ranted about this before, I know, but I’m a little irritated. Every single time I update the iPhone tools, I run into some crazy issue building code that worked just fine on a previous version.

This week, after digging my office out from under all the mess from moving to a new house, I revisited one of my older projects (yes, Pictems is finally getting an update!). And I ran into not one, but two of these issues. That’s not counting the usual Code Signing errors, which I don’t even pay attention to – I just click randomly on the Code Signing options until they go away.

(For my friends on the XCode team: Yes, I will file bugs on these issues, once I figure out what’s going on. This is not a bug report)

Issue #1: During some early experimentation, I had set the “Navigation Bar Hidden” property on one of my Nib files. It didn’t seem to do what I wanted, but I didn’t bother to change it back. At some point, a change was made such that it now works. Great, but apparently the change was actually made in one of the iPhone tools, so even if I build my old project, with the SDK set to 2.0, I still get the new behavior. Easy to fix, but it’s weird to have to change my “archived” version of my source so it builds correctly with the current version of XCode. If I build my old project against the old SDK, I’d expect to get the old behavior.

Issue #2: One of my resource files has a $ character in the name. One of the XCode copy scripts apparently changed such that it’s not escaping the filename correctly, so now the resource doesn’t get copied. Amusingly, no error message results – the file just ain’t there. Yes, it’s dubious to name a file with a $ in the name. But, again, it used to work just fine.

Oh, well. In the bigger scheme of things, I still prefer XCode/iPhone to Eclipse/Android…

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