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The C++ FQA (frequently questioned answers)

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Via a discussion on Joel On Software, I got directed to this:
The C++ FQA

It’s a response, of sorts, to the C++ FAQ. You can read moreabout it on the site, but he basically goes through the questions in the C++ FAQ, and explores what it is about C++ that makes those questions “frequently asked”. There is some sarcasm, and some rather insightful commentary on why C++ is so very hard to develop real expertise in.

It would be neat to see something like this done for Java and C#. I think the idea of looking at a language from the standpoint of “why are these areas confusing to so many users?” is an interesting approach.

I have always felt that my resistance to really learning C++ was a failure on my part, but after reading “Effective C++”, and with the backing of the C++ FQA, I feel a little better about taking the position that C++ is really far too complex for the good of the people who need to work with it.


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