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So, how was CES, anyway?

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For those who don’t recognize the name, “CES” is the Consumer Electronics Show, a yearly trade show for the Consumer Electronics industry.

ZING did really well at CES this year. In addition to the usual behind the scenes deal-making and partner development, we had a couple of high-profile announcements, and one of the products we’re helping to bring to market won an award!

SanDisk’s Sansa Connect got a “best of show” award from CNET.

What does that have to do with ZING, you ask? We designed the hardware, software, and service infrastructure that makes the Sansa Connect work.

ZING also announced a deal with FON that will allow ZING-enabled players to connect to the FON network. This is great because FON is the fastest-growing WiFi hotspot network out there. They’ve got an interesting business model, too – share your WiFi bandwidth at home, and get free access to WiFi when you’re not at home. Check them out at

For a while there, an at-CES interview with our CEO Tim Bucher was linked from the front page of It’s a little harder to find today, but here’s a link.


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