Sometimes, I surprise even myself.

First, do no harm.

One Small Victory…

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Last night, walking back to work from dinner, I happened to pass by the Scientology building in downtown Mountain View. As I passed by, I studiously ignored a Scientology drone as he tried to hand me a pamphlet explaining some of the finer points of L. Ron’s philosophy.

As he asked me “Would you like a pamphlet?”, I thought to myself “No, but I’ve got something for you“. At which point I loosed the Silent-But-Deadly fart I’d been holding in for two blocks.

Maybe he can use those Dianetics mental control techniques to resist the urge to pass out…

One small victory. Have you farted on a Scientologist today?


3 responses to “One Small Victory…”

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  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Scientology has finer points?


  3. Anonymous Avatar

     For the benefit of anyone who stumbles across this post by searching for \”scientology\” on google, be sure to check out, to learn all about one guy that this criminal nut-cult is harassing.-jcr


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