One down, 11 to go

January OneGameAMonth post-mortem January is over, and I’m done working on Rocks! (for now, at least), and it’s time to go over what worked, what didn’t, and what I’ll do differently for February. First, here’s a link to the current version: Rocks! And here’s the Github repository with the source code: Repo! What I was… Continue reading One down, 11 to go

Rocks! Update #2 – it’s a game

It’s an actual game now! So, first things first – here’s the current version of Rocks! Rocks! New features include: updated graphics – random rock shapes, and a progression of sizes on-screen instructions better sounds proper collision detection particle effects when things are destroyed more than one level a “shield” that will prevent rocks from… Continue reading Rocks! Update #2 – it’s a game

A new project!

I’m working on a “book” in my spare time. I put book in quotes there, because I don’t know that it’ll actually get to the level of being published on dead trees. Due to the subject matter, it would make more sense to publish it online (or perhaps, via something like iBooks) in any case.… Continue reading A new project!

Time for a reboot…

Okay, it’s now been more than a year and a half since I updated this blog. I need to get back on the horse. Stay tuned for an update soon (really)!

JavaScript by example: functions and function objects

I’ve been working in JavaScript a lot these last couple of months, and I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I wanted to show some of the more interesting aspects of JavaScript that I’ve had the opportunity to bump into. I’ll use some simple examples along the way to illustrate my points. Note: If you… Continue reading JavaScript by example: functions and function objects

The eyes have it – a tale of 3 vision problems

I’m recovering from a head cold today, so rather than try to do heavy programming work, I decided to write up a personal story that I’ve been thinking about lately, for a variety of reasons.  As anyone who knows me personally can probably attest, I wear glasses and have pretty bad eyesight.  Not many of… Continue reading The eyes have it – a tale of 3 vision problems